Management structure

The CFA run on a day-to-day basis by an Executive consisting of the President, Executive Director and Finance Manager.  An Advisory Group provides input on strategic issues while Trustees oversee all aspects of the CFA's activities to ensure that they adhere to our governing douments, the Royal Charter and Bye-Laws, and also that we operate within the legal structure of UK charity law .  Regional Coordinators assist and advise on matters relating to the international reach of the CFA.

Our Patron is His Royal Highness Prince Charles The Prince of Wales.

President :
Executive Director :
Finance Manager :
John Innes
Alan Pottinger
Marcus Robbins


Advisory Group
Samuel Adeyanju
Ben Chikamai
Rob de Fegley
Marylin Headley
Gill Petrokofsky
Geraint Richards
Jeff Sayer
Regional Coordinators
Europe :
Africa :
South Asia :
South East Asia and Pacific :
Americas and Caribbean:
Adrian Whiteman
Ben Chikamai
R.V. Singh
Michael Bleby
Shashi Kant
Mary Hobley
John Hudson
Peter Latham



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