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First online Commonwealth Forestry Conference points the way to the future

After three days of intensive and wide-ranging discussions the 20th Commonwealth Forestry Conference was brought to a close by CFA President, Professor John Innes.  With the innovative online format, coordinated by the University of British Columbia, hailed by many participants as the way for the meeting to be held in the future, the CFC brought together more than 420 delegates (34 % of them students) from 50 countries covering 17 time zones.

All of the sessions were recorded (another CFC first) and will be available on the CFC website at cfc2021.ubc.ca until January 31, 2022.

Highlights of the CFC included:

  • 10 Keynote Speakers, 5 distinguished speakers for opening and closing ceremonies
  • 2 Special Sessions with 11 invited speakers
  • 180 Presenters (oral and poster presentations)
  • 3 Minute Talk Challenge for students: 1 slide, 3 minutes each, 13 contestants from around the world

Conference topics included:  Bioeconomy and Ecosystem services, Education and Careers, Communicating forestry to outside audiences, Climate change, Technology and Innovation, Indigenous and Community forestry, Conservation valuation, Old-growth management, and Urban Forestry, plus meetings of IUFRO Divisions 6 and 9: Social aspects, forest policy and economics.

Holding the meeting online meant that the CFC’s carbon emission savings amounted to more than 200 passenger vehicles driving for one year, or one passenger vehicle driving for 3.5 Million kilometers!

Visit the CFC website at cfc2021.ubc.ca to see a range of outputs from the meeting.


The CFA is a partner in a new initiative, The Queen's Commonwealth Canopy,  in which Commonwealth citizens are leading the world in efforts to protect the forest – forest that their communities and the planet as a whole depend on.  

The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy will show that, irrespective of geography, economy, culture or tenure, solutions exist to the threats facing these critical ecosystems.   For more information visit the QCC website.

Our Patron His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales

The Commonwealth Forestry Association is pleased to announce that His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, has become our new Patron following news that Her Majesty, The Queen wished to step down from the position.  We would like to record our thanks to Her Majesty for her commitment and support to the CFA since she became Patron in 1952 as we look forward to working closely with our new Patron.

Professor John Innes, CFA President 

“The objective of the CFA is to promote the conservation and sustainable management of the world's forests and the contributions they make to peoples’ livelihoods…..”

“A particularly important aspect of the CFA is the links that are being forged between forestry professionals and civil society”.

Read why Professor Innes supports the CFA


Recent publications

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FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreement implementation in Ghana: insights from a SWOT Analysis  M.A. ADAMS, Y.T. TEGEGNE, S. RAMCILOVIK-SUOMINEN, E. ACHEAMPONG and A. ATTAH

Forest biosecurity laws in South-East Asia: a review  M.A. HEALEY, S.A. LAWSON, S. SOMANY, W. TASEN and Q. DAO NGOC

Food security and agroforestry from the perspective of the SDGs: a case study of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea  S. JI and Y. LEE

Forest set-aside policy for international biodiversity targets? Obstructive bureaucratic territoriality in Germany and Sweden  J. LOGMANI-AßMANN, K. BELAND LINDAHL, M. KROTT, S.L. BURNS, and L. GIESSEN

Regulations matter: their effects on actors of the non-industrial timber value chain in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania  R. MARTIN and D. MWASEBA

REDD+ benefit sharing in Ethiopia: policy and stakeholder perceptions analysis  T.T. PHAM, M. MOELIONO, B. DWISATRIO, J. YUWONO and S. ATMADJA

The role of bioeconomy in the Czech national forest strategy: a comparison with Sweden  R.C. PURWESTRI, M. HÁJEK, M. HOCHMALOVÁ, P. PALÁTOVÁ, D.C. HUERTAS-BERNAL, S.P. GARCÍA-JÁCOME, V. JARSKÝ, J. KAŠPAR, M. RIEDL and R. MARUŠÁK

Shea (Vitellaria paradoxa C.F. Gaertn.) – a peripheral empire commodity in French West Africa, 1894–1960  D.A. WARDELL, M. ELIAS, M. ZIDA, A. TAPSOBA, K. ROUSSEAU, D. GAUTIER, P.N. LOVETT and T. BAMA

Shea (Vitellaria paradoxa C.F. Gaertn.) – the emergence of global production networks in Burkina Faso, 1960–2021  D.A. WARDELL, A. TAPSOBA, P.N. LOVETT, M. ZIDA, K. ROUSSEAU, D. GAUTIER, M. ELIAS and T. BAMA

• Peter Wood
• World leaders promise to end
deforestation by 2030
• Will COP26 forestry pledges to tackle
climate change strengthen the fight
against illegal timber trade?
Forest Scenes
• A strategy for solving Europe’s imported deforestation problem
• Darwin inspires the way forests are planted
• Locating trees outside forests with WRI
• Community forestry in Bolivia
• Breeding trees to address ‘wicked’ challenges
• Private sector engagement and conservation in West Bengal
• Spain’s untapped ‘liquid gold’ Publications
• A Trillion Trees
• Biometry for Forestry and Environmental Data with Examples in R
• Routledge Handbook of the Political Economy of the Environment
• Ron Kemp
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